A Reason to be Good

This week’s thoughts are taken from The Daily Stoic Meditations (2019):

The funny thing about egotistical people is that – despite any power or wealth they might have – they are really easy to manipulate. All you have to do is tell them what they want to hear; make everything seem like it was their idea; play to their vanity and their delusions. The same goes for liars – who are usually quite easy to lie to. There’s even an old saying: You can’t con an honest man. Liars and cheaters are always looking for shortcuts and tricks, no matter how implausible or unbelievable they are. And the paranoid? As Seneca wrote, empty fears create real things to be afraid of. The paranoid leader often, unintentionally, encourages the enemies that end up taking them down.

All of which is to say that ego and deceit and paranoia are objectively bad strategies. They make you miserable…and they actually imperil the success that people think they help enable. We must steer clear of them like a ship must avoid a rocky shore. If we don’t, we will be dragged in by the current and torn to pieces on the rocks.

Look at Seneca’s experiences with Nero. Here was a man driven insane by his own ego and dishonesty and paranoia. He was emperor…but not for long. Centuries later, his name stands as a permanent indictment of how power corrupts (certainly he was an example, for someone like Marcus, of how NOT TO BE).

Look at our politicians of today. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with their policies or not. Many are surrounded by or are members of the “team of vipers” who are constantly undermining each other and stabbing each other in the back. Their fears and cries of “witch hunts” have only caused more investigations. Their ego allows them to be manipulated by partisans with extreme agendas that have little appeal to the vast majority of voters. How long will we allow it to continue?

This week, I challenge you to sweep your ego away; cultivate a habit of honesty and fairness in your speech and habits; and cooperate with others rather than protect your interests with paranoid possessiveness.

In short, be a good human.

It’s the best strategy. It’s the ONLY way to live and lead.

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One thought on “A Reason to be Good

  1. Dr Siders,
    Thank you for your lovely piece. I am encouraged when I meet genuinely nice people like you, and saddened when I meet people who are less so when it seems like too much effort to be unkind. Keep writing great stuff!


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