I am a government civilian for the Department of Defense/U.S. Navy, specifically working in the role as Outreach and Public Affairs Officer for a Navy Cyber Command. I have worked for this organization for the past six years learning various roles such as a metric analyst/software developer and a project manager in our project management office.  Previously, I had ten years experience in health care, and despite some of the nature of work I had to do, I loved caring for elders living in long-term care because I learned so much about people, how to make work meaningful, and experienced what real care is.  When I went back to school, my interest continued in studying organizational culture change and how people create meaning in their work.

Another current passion of mine is coaching functional fitness. I am a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer, currently coaching at CrossFit Norfolk (CFN). This is a gym that is as diverse as I am with a mixture of “misfits” in all different stages of life but with ONE goal: self-improvement, functional fitness, and mental toughness.  I am not only trying to improve myself on a daily basis – physically, mentally, and professionally – I enjoy helping others who are also in pursuit of self-improvement.

Throughout my life, I have learned that doing in the service for others is how true value and meaning is created.  Last year, during my search for a personal mission, I created my mission statement:

To become a person of impact in the service of others, in alleviating human suffering, raising the voices of those typically silenced or oppressed, and doing what I can to make a difference in other’s lives.

I continue to be a life-learner while on my personal and professional journey as well as help others in their quest of self-improvement. I hope that this blog is a start of new opportunities of learning from each other.

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