I am a government civilian for the Department of Defense/U.S. Navy, specifically working in the role as Outreach and Public Affairs Officer for a Navy Cyber Command. I have worked for this organization for the past six years learning various roles such as a metric analyst/software developer and a project manager in our project management office.  Previously, I had ten years experience in health care, and despite some of the nature of work I had to do, I loved caring for elders living in long-term care because I learned so much about people, how to make work meaningful, and experienced what real care is.  When I went back to school, my interest continued in studying organizational culture change and how people create meaning in their work.

In 2019, I began training as a competitive Masters athlete in Olympic Weightlifting. I joined the East Coast Gold (ECG) Weightlifting team and during at my first Master’s National meet, I set national records! Who woulda thunk?!   Weightlifting continues to be a hobby, and I recently started playing golf.

I hope that sharing my reflections and insights provides an opportunity where we can connect, share and learn from each other. Please send me a message if you want to connect.

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