Reflections on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019

I began this post at the beginning of the month, at first making my gratitude list similar to what I began seeing my friends post on social media posting each day… and I initially began with the traditional things like health, friends, family, reaching certain goals, making new connections, etc…

But then as I began thinking about my new years/birthday post (yesterday), I began thinking about framing my gratitudes differently – more about the lessons I’ve learned from mistakes, failures, bad decisions, or simply not my best behavior.

However, this post definitely took more time to write because my list of mistakes and failures was significantly longer than my original list. But I recently read an email from someone with a similar mindset and it validated my intentions of my own reflections.

So, this is this is my grateful list this year:
– I am grateful for arguing with and hanging up on someone in my family
– I am grateful for leaving a coaching position from a gym I love
– I am grateful for losing a friendship
– I am grateful for not completing project tasks I was responsible for
– I am grateful for failing to understand or be satisfied with my training
– I am grateful for not voicing my thoughts during decisional meetings or discussions
– I am grateful for trying to prove myself, my worth, and failing
– I am grateful for rejection letters when applying for other jobs
– I am grateful for nearly losing my clearance due to a decision I made 12 yrs ago
– I am grateful for taking people too seriously and letting it affect me
– I am grateful for ignoring pain my body is trying to tell me

I am thankful for all these things because each of them have not only taught me lessons of their impact, I have grown from these experiences.

I am stronger, more competent, more confident, a better decision maker, a better teammate, a better lifter, a better leader, a better friend… a better human.

I know I am still growing (despite the physical evidence 😂) because I am open to making stupid mistakes or even failing miserably. If not, I am truly stunted, and begin to atrophy, and eventually die.

My daily prayer and meditation mantra is one of gratitude for all my mistakes and failures because through these,
“I am becoming… love, care, kindness, forgiveness, humility.”

For this, I am thankful.

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