Create Your Modus Operandi

For several years, I have been working on a purposeful modus operandi – my every day mode of operations – based on clear principles and values from which my every action descends. In short, bringing the practice of philosophy and ethics to all facets of everyday life; becoming a stickler for truth and honesty; and serving with humility while in pursuit of a virtuous life.

In reality, this pursuit takes work. You must first know what it is you seek. What are the virtues you want to pursue? And then create your guide to living – your operating system if you will. For example, in sports, there is a no shoving principle or no resorting to foul play rules. Add ethical behavior to these and you have real sportsmanship. This doesn’t come naturally to all athletes. This is a craft, and it requires real work and effort.

So, how do your create your own purposeful mode of operation? You must study, you must train and practice until things become second nature so that when moments arise, when your operation system is stress-tested, you commit. You take action.

What happens after that… well, most of it is not up to us. And despite studying, training, and practicing everyday, so many factors outside of our control will influence the result or outcome. You may hit the target and succeed, or you may fall short.

Know that your true worth does not reside in this one or even multiple successes or failures. In the real world, we fail, sometimes we fail big.

But we must keep trying. The more we work on it the better we get.

What is your modus operandi? Are your actions derived from clear principles and values? Are you in pursuit of a virtuous life? If not, try again this week.

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