Books, books, and more books! Although I also listen to audiobooks, I really enjoy reading books. I love to hold them, highlight and write notes in them, bookmark with doggy-ears, and I even love the smell of them! These are some of my favorite books that have inspired me and made a significant impact on my worldview. [Click on each of the books to preview it on Amazon.]

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Reading autobiographies/biographies humanizes people, especially those with a high profile. I found that by reading about them and/or what they do, I was able to get a glimpse of who their humanity, or at least that part of them they wanted to share. No matter what I thought about their work or their politics, I gained a better understanding and respect for who they were as well as some of the decisions they made throughout their lives and careers.


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The list below is not exhaustive of all the books I have read this year; however, they are books that continue to be valuable and I highly recommend to apply in both personal and professional realm. Feel free to share your own recommendations.


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